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I am Tina and I work for Portrait Painting, a division of Mozart Art Studios Ltd. Although our company is several years in the business, we start now with our blog. We hope that it will be fascinating and useful to all of you, interested in art and portrait paintings.
To all of you, who already know our work, devoted to the appreciation of art, I say hello again. You have already seen with your own eyes the stunning masterpieces which our professional artists create – our wedding portrait paintings, pet portrait paintings, child’s portrait paintings & family portrait paintings.
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Because this is our first post, I will start with a short article about the history of portrait paintings:
Portrait painting is a popular genre in painting, where the intention of the artist is to portray the visual appearance of the subject. As a subject for a portrait can be chosen people pets, animals. This way artists create children portraits, pet portraits, family portraits. In addition to portrait painting, portraits can also be made in other media such as marble, bronze, ivory, wood, ceramic.
The term ‘portrait painting’ can also describe the actual painted portrait. Portraitists create their portrait paintings by commission, for public and private persons, or very often they are inspired by admiration of the subject. Portraits are often important state and family records, as well as remembrances. If an artist makes a portrait painting of him- or herself, the result is called a self-portrait.
Historically, portrait paintings have primarily memorialized the rich and powerful. Over time, however, it became more common for middle-class patrons to commission portraits of their families and colleagues. Today, the portrait painting is still commissioned by governments, corporations, groups, clubs, and individuals.
What more can I add to this? Today, portrait paintings are popular all over the world and they are bought by young and old, women and men. The main reason, of course, is that they are affordable. With the life-like portrait paintings of Mozart Art Studios, you buy works of art at the lowest prices!
Welcome again in our portrait painting world!