Today I want to greet all pet lovers – I hope you will like my post and the new pet portrait painting our portrait artists created.

Our client didn`t require any changes to be made. He just wanted to see the picture of his lovely dog turned into a breathtaking portrait painting. This is the main aim of our portrait artists always and I think they succeed.

Nowadays more and more we realize that our pets are becoming an important part of our families.  We try to make them a comfortable home, to go for a walk with them every morning and evening. We treat them almost as we treat our friends and relatives – and there is nothing bad in this. They are living creatures too and they deserve our love.

This is why www.portrait-painting.com is getting more and more orders to turn pet photos into paintings – dogs, cats, horses, donkeys. Even our portrait artists confess that it is a big pleasure for them to make pet portrait paintings, because most of them have pets, too.

So if you love your pet and you want to make it officially a part of your family – order your portrait painting now and our portrait artists will create a fabulous pet portrait from your picture.

Thank you and I wish you a wonderful day!


Tina and Portrait-Painting Team



Original Photo

Final Painting

Final Painting