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One of the few great luxuries in life is to hold onto memories and cherished keepsakes of our children that we can keep forever. It is very special to be able to be taken back to a time in our lives with photos and to actually hold on to this special moment for a lifetime. At Portrait Painting we offer as a gift the opportunity to have a child portrait. The outcome is both spectacular and definitely a breathtaking memento that you can keep in your family for generations.

The painting that we will create for you is of museum quality, 100% hand painted and you will amazed by the finished product we guarantee this. Children grow so fast, there is always a reason to get a child portrait painting. Be it when they are babies, when they start pre-school, when they enter grade school, or even for their birthday. Whatever the occasion, child portraits are both unique and an amazing way to hold onto a memory that no parent would ever wish to forget.

With a child portrait painting, we take any photo you send us to the next level, to create a stunning portrait. All you need to do is provide a photo and we will create a painting from this. It's as easy and simple as that!

There is something so amazing about a painting that gives off a sense of softness and beauty. Choose any photo of your child or children to have made into a painting. You can display the portrait in your home, office or even in the child’s room. Anywhere you hang a portrait painting, you are sure to add class and elegance to the room.