Our Guarantees

A comprehensive service from the world`s leading and finest provider of artistic gifts, photo transformation and reproductions.

  • Best Price Guarantee
    We guarantee the best prices for handmade oil portrait paintings in museum quality.
    We are sure that we offer the best prices, but if you really can find a lower price anywhere else, we will match it and give you a further discount of 20%.

    Note: We offer even lower prices than most online painting services that provide commercial quality oil paintings or printed digital paintings.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    You will receive a preview photo of your painting before shipping. If needed, we will modify the painting until you are 100% satisfied.
    You will pay the remaining balance (90% of the painting price + shipping) only if you approve your completed painting!
  • 100% Museum Quality Guarantee
    No compromises with quality. We only offer museum quality. All of our artists are professional painters and have university degrees in art. Most other online painting services offer only commercial quality.
  • 100% Hand-painted, Oil on Canvas - No Prints / Digital Paintings
    We only use high caliber artists, the finest paints, and the highest quality canvas available. We don't use any kind of prints. All of our paintings are 100% handmade unique masterpieces.

    Note: Please be aware that several of our competitors offer so called "digital paintings". Such "paintings" are in reality just some computer generated digital pictures which are printed on canvas or paper. No brushes or real paints are used. You will only find the hint about the "digital" nature in the small-prints of their websites, and of course, after you received your disappointing product. Please make sure to order at the right place if you wish to receive real hand-painted canvas art.
  • Worldwide Shipping at No Extra Cost
    We ship worldwide at the same price (flat rate shipping).
  • Free Photo Editing
    Free photo montage:
    We can combine images from more than one photograph into a single painting.
    Simply give us detailed instructions in the comments box when placing your order.

    Free restoration of old photos:
    If one of your photos needs restoration, we will do it before starting to paint.

    Colorize black & white photos for free:
    If you have a black and white photo, and you want us to paint it in color, please mention it in the comments box when placing your order. Of course, any of your color photos can be painted in black and white as well.