Frequently Asked Questions / Information

Frequently Asked Questions for your additional information.

If, you require further assistance about our service, procedures or simply need some friendly advice prior to ordering your handmade portrait, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are ready to help!

How does it work?
Place your order now
- You can upload your photos; send them by email or snail mail.
- Choose size, number of figures, framing and checkout. Only a 10% down payment is required.

Creation of your painting
- We provide you with a simulation for your approval.
- Our master artists create your painting,
- We take a photo of the completed painting and email the proof to you,

Your feedback is very important
- You can send us your feedback and suggest changes. We are going to modify the painting until you are fully satisfied with it,

Approval and delivery
- The remaining balance is only due after you are 100% satisfied and you have approved your painting. We will ship the painting to you after your final approval and balance payment.
When do I pay for my painting?
We think that you should see the quality of your particular painting before paying for it. We ask that you pay only 10% (fully refundable) of the price at the time of ordering. When the painting is completed, we will e-mail you a photo of the painting. You will pay the rest only after you are completely satisfied, and before we ship the custom art.
Is the deposit refundable?
Yes. Your deposit is fully refundable before we ship your approved painting to you. Please note that you will receive photos of your completed portrait (proofs), and we will only ship the painting to you after your approval.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. You will receive complimentary proofing photos of your completed artwork before we ship this to you. If you are not fully satisfied with the outcome, you will get your money back. Please contact us if you receive your painting and you are not satisfied with this. You can return the painting to us for a full refund within 14 days.
My photograph is not in a digital format. What can I do?
Please, take your photograph to a local copy shop and scan it. Optionally, you can provide us with a digital photo of your hardcopy photograph (photo of photo). You could even send the hardcopy photograph to one of our addresses through regular mail.
Do you offer portraits in acrylic, charcoal, pencil, pastel or watercolor?
Yes! Simply give us detailed instructions in the comments box when placing your order. Prices are the same as for portrait paintings in oil.
Can I order a custom size? What will the price be?
Yes! Simply choose the closest size when placing your order, and provide us with the exact size you want in the comments box. The price will be calculated according to the closest size chosen.
Can I buy a gift certificate?
Wonderful gift idea! Just contact us and we will prepare for you a lovely designed gift certificate. The design of the gift certificate can be made as individual and unique as wished, and the certificate will remain valid for 24 months. Invited to a wedding? Our gift certificate is the best gift!
What can be painted?
We will turn any of your photos into a beautiful oil painting. For example, pictures of your wedding, children, parents, grandparents, pets, events, sports cars, etc. If you are interested in a quality replica of a famous painting that is not shown in our catalog, simply send us the name or a photo of it. We also do portrait paintings in different styles, such as Lichtenstein, Warhol, Pop Art and Retro. Just upload your portrait photo and a sample of the style type you selected, and we will create your painting out of it. Our free photo editing makes a lot of creative ideas easy to realize. We can change the background of your photo or bring back to life old black and white photos. Also, photo montage is free, and we can make one combined painting out of several of your favorite photos. People, animals or objects can be eliminated or added. Hair-style, backgrounds and clothing colors can be altered. Shadows can be removed. Our artists can merge images from different photos to make a single painting. A new trend is to change faces of famous masterpieces to faces of friends or family - a great gift idea. We are always happy to fulfill special requests for any kind of paintings, just simply contact us and let us discuss your wishes.
Can you keep such low prices forever?
Sorry, we can't. Currently published prices are promotional prices only. We are considering increasing our prices by 20-25% soon. Our Photo to Painting Service does not simply claim to provide the best value. We guarantee the best value. Our company provides the quickest turnaround and guarantees premium museum quality. Right now, we do this at the lowest prices you can find on the internet. You should always look for the guaranteed specific quality offered on a website when comparing prices.
Do you offer more frame types?
Yes! We have over 50 frame types available and only the most frequently ordered frame types are shown on our website. Just contact us if you require a different frame type.
Who are your artists?
Portrait-Painting.com sources paintings from well-tested, high caliber independent artists. All artists are strictly supervised by our senior quality control staff. We have tested over 350 of the most experienced and best portrait artists, and we are happy to announce that we will only assign worldwide elite artists, the best in the profession to paint for you! Our artists will ship your painting on our behalf directly to you. This procedure saves time and makes it possible for us to provide customers with our market leading turnaround time.
How long will it take to receive my painting?
The current painting time is published on our homepage and changes seasonally. Painting times vary depending on the complexity and size of your artwork, and very complex paintings may take a bit longer. Revisions to your paintings will add 2-4 business days per revision. Our artists are creating custom artworks for you and the artwork will only ship after your approval. We are therefore unable to guarantee any timeline as your interaction and approval will also determine the time frame of your project. The drying process of oil paints can take a couple of additional days before the painting is ready to be shipped. Framing the painting will also add an additional 2-3 days. If you require your painting delivered before a specific date, please select the express option during checkout. Please also include the date in the order comments. Our customer service agents will try their best to achieve your delivery deadline. We see shipping delays all over the world due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, and approximate average shipping times are now: USA 5-7 days, Canada 7-9 days, UK 7-9 days, Australia 9-12 days. Unfortunately, as a small business, we have no means of speeding up the express service times of FEDEX and DHL. Thanks for your understanding!
When is your annual company vacation?
Our annual company vacation is from January 15th till January 31st. Our customer service team will be available during this time but our artists will not be available.
Please explain the express service option during checkout.
We already offer an industry leading turnaround for standard orders, but if your order is very urgent you can select this option and we will treat your order as urgent for an additional 15%. There are two lines for the ordered paintings to be made. The waiting line for the standard service is based on first come first serve and usually it takes some time to wait in line. The production line for the express service is shorter and the painting process will be started very fast. The painting qualities, the paints, the materials and the artists used are the same for the express service. The shipping duration itself will not be influenced by the express option.